I am a cartoonist and teacher from the Boston area.  When I am not teaching I make comics and draw as much as possible.  My students are bright young people who challenge my thinking on a daily basis.

Some things that I like: dogs, apes, tea, green hoodies, soup with crusty bread, people who walk alone and smile to themselves, hikes, mango, befriending shy people, cats, libraries, thrift stores, Guadalajara, dancing with babies, crunchy leaves, owls, and nachos.

Comics have become a really important part of my life in the last five years.  I want to improve my writing, stretch my abilities, and be brave about getting more of my stories out into the world.  Lately I have begun a comic book series called Gorilla Year and I post about it on Facebook.

Sometimes I also post things to Tumblr.

Email: carabean@badgigi.com

(Photo and cat by Katie Harris.)

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